The American National Ballet was birthed from an idea from a ballet dancer who experienced all the profoundness of dance and music, as well as all the challenges. The idea led to a business plan with a mission, which led to a small handful of businessmen believing in the idea, and that it was possible... and the American National Ballet was birthed. The mission is make ballet and performing arts accessible and reflect the diversity of the country. The mission has been embraced by everyone who had common experiences, which is pretty much all dancers. The believers in the mission have now grown into a collective of renowned talents who have unified to  achieve this mission.  This requires a fresh wave of innovation that brings new choreographies, new music, and a way to share these nation-wide at every level of dance.  ANB is not looking to duplicate any other dance company.  ANB is looking to drive innovation and lead the transformation of accessibility,  to refresh the culture of dance in a way that recognizes there is a new generation of dancers and an untapped audience that can be engaged in new ways and who appreciates dance that better reflects our country. 

ANB believes every child should be able to experience the profoundness of the performing arts and see themselves in it.  They deserve role models who help them see what is possible and offers help.  To support this belief ANB's Outreach and Ambassador programs will deliver nation-wide the beauty of this profession showcasing our cultural tapestry and the innovation that is possible when you remove all barriers.