American National Ballet Conservatory's

Frequently Asked Questions


1)What is best for my child, the Pre-Professional Division or Extension Division?

The best way to answer that question is to ask what are your child’s long term goals? In other words, is he or she aspiring to have a professional ballet/dancing career? Or is he or she pursuing a college degree?

Students who are passionate about dance on a part-time basis would be better suited for ANBC’s Extension Division. On the other hand, students who are ready to commit to a full-time intensive training schedule may be better suited in ANBC’s Pre-Professional Division.


2)What do I need to know about Pre-Professional Division training Vr. Extension Division training to help my child make the best decision for him or her?

ANBC’s Pre-Professional Division is a rigorous full-time training program designed for students serious about pursuing a professional career in ballet or dance. This means they must be able to commit to 15+ hours a week in our training program.  Admittance to this Division is by audition or invitation only.

ANBC’s Extension Division is a comprehensive training program designed for students who love dance and are able to commit to dancing one or more days a week. This program allows students and families the flexibility to choose which classes and styles of dance are the best fit for the student. No audition required to register. Level and class placement is decided on the sole discretion of ANBC faulty and staff.

Both Devisions:

-Follow "A Ballet Education" official training curriculum

-Have world class teachers, faculty and staff

-Have performance opportunities tailored to the level and abilities of each dancer


3)Is the training in the Pre-Professional Division higher quality than that of the Extension Division?

No. And here is why: ANBC has a multiple track training program but regardless of which Division your child is training in, they will receive top quality instruction by our world renowned staff and work under "A Ballet Education" official training curriculum developed by David King.

Short answer: 2 main tracks… same great staff and training!

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