American Ambassadors program


Our mission at ANB is to bring education and performance opportunities to aspiring artists across the country, as we establish and foster long lasting relationships at the local level. Through this program we seek to raise cultural awareness and support through engaging the community to restore appreciation for the classical performing arts.


Once a partnership is established, we deploy our Alpha Team to implement our community out reach strategy that infiltrates the culture and creates a revitalization of performing arts appreciation.


The American Ambassadors program includes community performances that engage the public to generate excitement. This paves the way for our dancers and staff to educate the community through our Dancer Lecture Series which gives personal testimonies and experiences from our artists as the audience gets an inside look at the life of a professional ballet dancer. 

Some cities may be eligible to join our national Network of Associated Artists. In this program, our company partners with local studios to provide performance opportunities for local students to perform along side our professional dancers in one of our touring productions.

Students will gain valuable skills form hands on learning as they go through the full spectrum of steps to create a full length professional ballet production, including the audition process, studio and stage rehearsals, culminating in the fully staged performance alongside our professional company dancers. This life changing experience will leave young dancers with fresh inspiration and confidence to conquer all of life's obstacles on and off the stage.



Network of Associated Artists

ANB is looking for cities to participate in our national Network of Associated Artists. This network is comprised of cities that partner with ANB to become a host city for once of our national tour stops. ANB will partner with local studios to provide performance opportunities for community students. Selected students will perform with our professional company in a fully staged ballet production during our tour to that city.


Alpha Team

Our Alpha Team is a group of dancers who are deployed into the cities across the country to be the tip of the spear in our nation wide community enrichment efforts. 


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