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Trainee Program

The purpose of our Pre-Professional Trainee program is to develop dancers as they move from the academic ballet setting to the world of professional dance. It is also an opportunity to increase the stylistic range and versatility of a dancer by exposing them to a variety of dance styles in class, rehearsals, and performances. This is a chance for dancers to be shaped, trained and nurtured into what the Directors of ANB are looking for in the first and second companies, as well as other companies.

We are committed to preparing our dancers to be as versatile as possible not only for opportunities within our own company, as well as to increase their chances for employment with any dance company in the world. 

Trainees will also work closely with our internationally renown staff: Artistic Director Alex Prioa, Second Company Artistic Director -Octavio Martin and many other world class faculty. The trainee program with its faculty expertise will offer guidance, letters of reference, and professional support for the dancer.

The Trainee Program is designed for Boys and Girls ages 15-18 who show exemplary potential in ballet & dance.  Admittance is by audition or invitation only.

Pre-Professional Division

ANBC's Pre-Professional Program is an intensive training regiment created specifically for the serious ballet student who wishes to pursue a professional dancing career. The program is geared for boys and girls ages 6-14 who show promising potential to be a dancer, have a basic understanding of their body and the fundamentals of ballet, and are ready to 100% commit to dancing full time.

This is a chance for dancers to be developed, trained, and nurtured to the highest standards of a conservatory dance education. 

Students in the Pre-Professional Division will train with our internationally renowned staff including ANB's Artistic Director and many other world class faculty. 

Admittance is by audition or invitation only.


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Extension Division

ANBC's Extension Program is a structured and comprehensive training regiment created specifically for boys and girls ages 3-18 who love dance and movement. Students trained in this program will learn everything from the basics of placement and movement to how to express professional level artistry and technique. 

No audition required to register. Level and class placement is decided on the sole discretion of ANBC faulty and staff.