Reengineering the culture of ballet for the next generation, showcasing the diversity of our nation, and driving innovations enabling accessibility



Revitalize through outreach. American National Ballet’s mission is to reenergize ballet as the foundation of dance in America through community education, outreach and novel programs embracing what makes this country great… our diversity.

Showcase diversity. While addressing the standards in the industry for quality of life for dancers, we have created the ultimate national platforms including reality programming to showcase our nation’s best and to inspire a new generation of dancers of all sizes and colors. 

Leverage technology for accessibility. We will leverage technology and changing the culture of how we communicate and how content is delivered to help bring ballet to every corner of the country and globe.

“We can all remember the life changing moment we were first inspired, and our goal at ANB is to BE that inspiration that creates a culture change in our country.”
— Executive Director, Ashley Benefield

What real change looks like

  • Introducing community enrichment programs that encourage learning and personal growth through new opportunities and community engagement for all ages

  • Creating opportunity and growing community programs through a centralized performing arts collective.

  • Innovating education outreach through our American Ambassadors program with local public schools, providing free performances and lectures to local students.

  • Expanding opportunities for underprivileged children through scholarship and financial aid programs.